About us

The Root of Magic is a pair of family run magical creature stores with a passion for all things magic. Our unique stores are home to mystical and magical creatures who live within our magical trees.
We are stockists of:
-official Fantastic Beasts merchandise
-official Harry Potter merchandise
-Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

our Hope street store has warming wizarding treats within its magical coffee shop 

We also host mesmerising classes in our hidden potions rooms:
-Children’s Potions & Science classes (Hope street store in city centre) 
- Adult Potion (Cocktail) classes (Hope street store in city centre) 

We ship UK wide from our website if you can’t make it to our store 


Whilst The Root of Magic is a retailer of Officially Licensed Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts merchandise we are not affiliated with the Harry Potter franchise, J.K. Rowling or Warner Bros.