I can’t see the booking date and time for my booked class/ session on my confirmation?

If you select the blue view order button on your booking confirmation , then click show order summary it tells your booked date and time 

Do you stock Harry Potter & Wizarding merchandise? 

We have a small selection in store but there is a wider range available at our sister store The House of Potionmagic in Glasgow West end their website is https://houseofpotionmagic.com/

 I'm celebrating, can I decorate my table for my booking? 

Balloons, lewd objects,banners,  inflatables, celebratory cakes etc are not allowed to be brought  in store. We also cannot store goody bags etc. 

Do you do children’s birthday parties?

Lots of people book our children’s potions session for their child’s birthday. We do not alter the class in any way for this so birthday cakes/ present opening etc would have to be done off site. our class can accommodate 12 children, if you wish it to be exclusive to your party you would be required to book all tables for a set date.Balloons, streamers, banners etc are not allowed in store 

I was given a voucher code for a class, how do I redeem my code for a class purchase? 

To redeem  a Root of Magic Class gift code/ gift card : 
then firstly look through the available dates for a class
1) add a table for the date and time you wish to the basket (depending on the spaces your voucher is for)
2)go to basket and proceed to checkout and add any allergies 
3) once in the checkout area you will see a box on the right hand side to enter a code, enter the voucher code here (if on mobile it may be in a drop down menu labelled show order summary)
4)complete your personal details on the left 
5)click proceed to payment
6)review and confirm order 

if you have more than one voucher for example two one person vouchers and wish a table for two to be booked please email us with the date you wish to book and the voucher codes and we will arrange this for you . 
multiple gift cards can however be used in one transaction just enter  one then the box will reappear to enter another 

Where are your classes held?

Children's classes as of 15th June 2023 are held at The House of Potion magic in Glasgow West end.

Creswell lane G12 8AA

I’ve emailed after hours and not had a reply, when will I get one?

 we answer the emails and messages within shop hours, at the weekend you may not get an answer until the Monday but we will get back to you

I have discovered a dragon egg in my garden. Can you assist in removing it?

We suggest that you leave the egg alone until it has hatched. It should only take a few weeks to hatch so stay out of its way as the parent dragons are sure to visit. Although dragons are beautiful creatures they can become a bit fiery when protecting their babies so stay well clear and in a few weeks the baby will be on its way. Be sure to send us a picture of the baby dragon (from a distance) if you get the chance.