New Boss Alert: LX International Grabs 60% of NICE!

Alright, hold on to your hats because PT Adhi Kartiko Pratama Tbk. (NICE) just got a makeover – LX International Corp. snagged a cool 60% stake. The game plan? Boost NICE’s mojo in the nickel processing and electric vehicle battery scene.

Post-Deal Shuffle

This whole corporate shuffle is like a sequel to the Conditional Shares Sale and Purchase Agreement party that everyone signed up for. You can check out all the deets in the IPO prospectus of PT Adhi Kartiko Pratama Tbk.

In the mix, there’s been a bit of a share merry-go-round. PT Sungai Mas Minerals, PT Inti Mega Ventura, Michael Adhidaya Susantyo, and Victor Agung Susantyo handed over their NICE shares to PT Energy Battery Indonesia (EBI). And guess who’s steering the EBI ship? Yep, it’s LX International Corp., holding a whopping 99.99% ownership.

“The deal went down with a per-share value of Rp 438,” spilled the management on a chill Wednesday (January 17, 2024).

EBI Takes the Crown with 60% Shares

So, after this whole acquisition saga, EBI is now the proud owner of a whopping 3,649,212,000 shares in NICE. That’s like having the majority say in the shareholder meeting – a solid 60% of the total shares in play.

LX International: Leading the Charge for ESG

Now, with LX International Corp. calling the shots at NICE, it’s all in sync with Indonesia’s grand plan for nickel and jumping into the global ESG initiatives. It’s not just about business; it’s about being part of the bigger picture.

“Having LX International Corp. take the wheel at NICE aligns with Indonesia big plans for nickel and being a player in global ESG initiatives,” they said, keeping it real.

Stocks Doing the Happy Dance

Fast forward to today – the first trading session after the big news. NICE stocks decided to do a little dance, spiking up by a cool 9.35% to hit the 760 mark. It’s like the market saying, “Hey, we’re feeling this change!”

In the stock market hustle, these NICE stocks were in play a hefty 21,230 times, with a total value rocking the charts at Rp 74.77 billion.

Bottom Line: NICE’s Next Chapter Begins

To sum it up, NICE is stepping into a new chapter, and LX International Corp. is the one calling the shots. It’s not just about changing bosses; it’s about positioning NICE as a big player in the nickel game and making waves in global sustainability. And judging by the stock surge, investors are vibing with this fresh start. Buckle up, because NICE just got a whole lot more interesting!